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Online Learning FAQ

What is online learning?

Online learning is simply training that is delivered via the internet. To deliver the courses online we use an eLearning management system or LMS (Moodle). Moodle is the software (eLearning platform) and it is where a learner accesses all of their resources and submits all of their assignments.

Online learning can be synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous online learning means that the students and the trainers participate at the same time but in different locations. The key with synchronous learning is that it is real-time interaction using a specific resource at a specific time with specific people. Our synchronous online delivery (virtual classroom) comprises live online lecture sessions and live support sessions via our eLearning platform (Moodle) where students can interact with trainers live. Learners will be provided with a timetable for this purpose.

Asynchronous online learning occurs when students and trainers are not necessarily expected to participate at the same time. To support this self-paced learning learners are provided with pre-recorded lectures, presentations, discussion forums, trainers notes, handouts etc.

This eLearning platform also allows us to track progression and participation of a learner.

Access to internet and a computer

Students need to have access to internet and a computer or iPad or smart phone to be able to participate in online learning

Digital literacy

The learners undertaking training involving different technologies, digital literacy, in particular, is a prerequisite skill that needs to be considered. Digital literacy for online learning extends beyond whether a student can use a computer or not.

For example, a student may be required to record a video for assessment and then upload that file into the eLearning platform, reading and comprehending complex content online etc.

Response time for answering queries

Response to any queries will be straight forward if you contact us via phone or email during our business hours Monday to Friday 9 am-6 pm.

Trainers will be also responding to your queries regarding studies as per the scheduled online lecture and support sessions. Responses from trainers might be delayed outside these designated times

Turnaround times in assessment

Usually within 10 working days student can receive the outcome and feedback

Turnaround times in assessment

Usually within 10 working days student can receive the outcome and feedback

The frequency that a trainer or assessor will contact you and how

Trainers and Assessors can be contacted during the timetabled hours and all the communication should be via the eLearning platform

Real-time delivery or student engagement sessions

As per the timetable

Tracking student participation and progression

Students are required to actively participate in all the real-time delivery sessions as per the timetable. Students’ participation and progress will be monitored according to the Course progress and Attendance policy. Please refer to the Student Handbook for details.

Additional support

Students will be provided with additional support to get them familiarise with the online system. There will be a weeklong orientation process which includes all the necessary information and training session for students to get start with the online learning method.

Students will also be provided with academic and other supports related to their studies. Please refer to the Student Handbook for details on the range of our support services.

Deferment, suspension or cancellation of study

Application for Deferment or suspension of courses after accepting the offer and visa granted will not be approved if it is due to the online delivery mode. For other circumstances please refer to the Deferment, suspension or cancellation policy in the Student Handbook.