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General English

Programme Levels 1 to 5

General English


1-65 weeks

Start Dates

Every Monday

Contact Hours

20 hours / week

Class Size

Maximum 18

Course Overview

The York English  College General English programme levels 1 to 5 – Beginners, Elementary, Pre- Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate – have been designed for international students who have come to Australia to study General English for work or study- related purposes.

These learners generally have different levels of English proficiency and possess different linguistic strengths and weaknesses. They may also be from diverse cultural and low literate to high literate educational backgrounds.

This programme will be offered at five levels and each level comprises 12 weeks of study. Each week consists of 20 hours of face-to-face classroom instruction. These classes are conducted in various sessions from Monday to Friday.

Students will undertake a placement test covering four main language components (reading, listening, writing and speaking) to identify an appropriate course entry level for them. They will also undertake regular assessments to evaluate the progress of their language learning and the effectiveness of the course in meeting their needs.

Would you like to test your English level?

An English placement test to know which level you can enrol in

Why Study General English

It can be assumed that General English learners are typically young adults or adults who have had at least three to four years of high school education. They may have had exposure to the English language or not at all. For the majority of these learners, it is their first time in an English-speaking country or environment.

It can also be assumed that learners of General English require significant support and guidance in order to communicate in the spoken and written contexts. One of the aims of the York Business Institute’s General English programme is to help each student attain their learning objectives through guidance and support, and with regular evaluations and feedback on both their language learning progress and with regard to the effectiveness of the course in meeting their needs.


For study abroad

This course is designed for international students who have come to Australia to study General English for work or study-related purposes. Some of these students aim to attend Vocational or Tertiary study courses but they have yet to achieve the level of English necessary to enter those programmes. As such, a General English programme can help enhance their language proficiency and is a step on route to achieving that further study aim.

For work purposes

This General English programme will also appeal to another group of students who wish to improve their English for work purposes. These students acknowledge that advanced English language proficiency may be the key to gaining employment in their home country and in large international corporations. There is also another group of students whose purpose for being in Australia is for leisure or who are here on a working holiday.

For part-time employment

The General English programme will be appropriate for them if they wish to spend a few weeks practising English prior to a lengthy period of travel and leisure or prior to seeking part-time employment in Australia.

Relationship to and Articulation with Other Courses

Each level of the programme comprises a 12-week block that starts on every Monday. As such, it is expected that students will commence the course in any given week between week 1 and 12. Although there may be circumstances where students do not enroll to study for 12 weeks, it is deemed beneficial for them to study all 12 weeks (each level) in order to achieve a level that is higher than their current proficiency. 

Each week consists of 20 hours of face-to-face classroom interaction. Students who successfully complete the mid-course and final course assessments with a score of at least 60% will progress to the next level of study.

Students may attend vocational or tertiary study courses after they have completed upper-intermediate level of the General English Course and achieved the level of English necessary to enter those programmes.

Courses Available
Entry Level Approximate
(IELTS General English)
Post Course Articulation
0-1.0 0.5-1.5 -
2.0 2.5 -
3.0 3.5 -
4.0 4.5 -
5.0 5.5-6.0 Vocational Courses

Entry Requirement

As the York English College General English programme is to accommodate students with disparate levels of English language proficiency, there are no pre-requisites for entry. However, students have to sit for a placement test covering the four main skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing – in order to be assigned to a class appropriate for their level.

English language requirement: There is no English language requirement
Age requirements: Learners must be a minimum 18 years

Course Objectives

The main objectives of this General English programme are to develop students’ skills and language to a target level of proficiency so that they can communicate their needs and intentions to others effectively and at the same time, help them achieve their personal purposes for learning English.

The objectives of this programme can be summarised as follows:

Improve Proficiency

To improve the General English proficiency level of all students in the areas of speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary.

Learning Opportunities

To provide students with strategies to enhance learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Australia Life

To expose students to the life in Australia through study trips.

Communicate Effectively

To provide students with functional language so that they can communicate effectively and function within an English speaking environment.

Learning Strategies

To encourage and facilitate learner autonomy through learning strategies and resources other than the course book.

Learning Experience

To introduce students to a variety of study modes and methodologies for learning English.

Student Experiences

Sydney has been voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There is a wide variety of things you can see and do in Sydney when not studying.  We help you to learn about and enjoy Australian culture. There are plenty of amazing activities for you to experience!

Movie Club

Now Screening some of Hollywood’s favourite films. Have some popcorn and conversation as you snuggle in to watch the greatest hits in English. Suggestions Welcome!

Conversation Club

Practice your skills in chatting with these lovely afternoon tea times with your classmates and friends.

YEC workshops

From Public Speaking, to Painting, to Crafts….the list is endless. This is an interactive hands-on way to learn something new and have fun too!


Visit museums, beaches, sights around Sydney and the harbour! What a gorgeous way to feel at home in this beautiful city.